Baujke by 7 Deadly Skins

The human heart has hidden treasures, In secret kept, in silence sealed;
The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures,
Whose charms were broken if revealed.

Charlotte Bronte

Lovelies, just a couple quick posts here to show you the gorgeous new skins available from 7 Deadly Skins! Baujke is a steal as it is on sale for a mere 150 ls in the B-Unique sale.

7ds baukje_001
and Iza makes appliers for slink hands and feet, the slink body, maitreya body, belleza body, the eve body, phat ass and lola tangos as well as Lelutka head appliers as well.
This beautiful skin can be found at the main store now :)

Anais and Abigail by Azul for Charity

Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.

Robert Green Ingersoll
I truly believe that we are all here to help each other out and try to make a difference in someone’s day. I love that in Second Life there are so many people who band together to helpĀ  people out that are going through something tough in their real life. One amazing event going on right now is the Lexi Project which is for Lexi who owns Angel Red Couture. She has a battle ahead of her with fighting cancer so this project is trying to raise funds to help her with her rl medical costs. Mami made a special recolor of the beautiful Abigail dress for it, in coral pink!
azul lexi for lexi project_001
The next dress is the gorgeous Anais dress in a special recolor for the OMG Charity event.
azul anais turquoise for omg charity_001
This is the beautiful turquoise color which is special for this charity event.
azul anais turquoise for omg charity_002
Both dresses are from Azul

Abigail dress Lexi for the Lexi Project and
Anais in Turquoise for OMG Charity
Hair styles are from Envogue and Analog Dog
Amberly II skin in America by Glam Affair
Sovereign eyes in Oxidation by Ikon and
Poses by Posesion

Trending with Topazia

There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss,
contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.

Malcolm X
Good morning Lovelies and yay!! its Friday :) it has been a long week at work thats for sure. In this post, I have some cute dresses to show you from Topazia as well as a couple charity items from Azul and new skins from 7 Deadly Skins. Lets start with the super fun dresses from Topazia.
The first dress I have to show you is called Enorela and I am wearing the pretty purple color of it.
topazia enorela summer dress duo purple_001
The dress is mesh and it works well with my maitreya lara body. It is perfect to wear out around the grid for a casual shopping day or even to go out dancing in. It comes in 7 other colors and each color is just as fun as this one.
The next fun color of the same dress is the animal in pink version!
topazia enorela summer dress duo animal pink_001
Both colors and many others can be picked up at Topazia today.
Hair styles are from Lamb and Exile
Amberly II skin in America by Glam Affair
Sovereign eyes in Oxidation by Ikon
Poses by Posesion

Azul Beauty

The word ‘romance,’ according to the dictionary,
means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real.
Romance should last a lifetime.

Billy Graham

Lovelies, I love to mix and match Azul and come up with different looks with Mami’s wonderful creations so I felt like showing you a couple fun looks by mixing and matching dresses together. I name my new dresses Azul Beauty!

azul beauty_001
Here I combined parts from the Ohana, Issy, Abigail, Maeve, Shino and Sofie dress.
I think it came out looking very nice and below is another fun look I came up with.
azul beauty 2_001
Above I combined-Camille, Claro de Luna and the Nefertiti dress to makeĀ  this amazing dress.
azul beauty 3_001
In this dress, I combined Shino, Camille and Anjelique.
azul beauty 4_001
Above, I added K’aalogi, Faith, Sakura and Nefertiti together.
My yellow tourmaline dress looks kinda funky as I didn’t mess around enough with the skirt.
azul beauty 5_001
Above, I combined Issy, Sophie, and Claro de Luna.
And last, I had fun playing with the jade color.
azul beauty 6_001
This dress has parts of Esmeralda, Maeve, Issy, Sakura, and Lis combined together.
Which one is your favorite? I love them all and I love Mami and my sweet sister Chloe <3
Wearing Above-
All clothing by Azul
Hair by Fiore and Exile
Amberly II skin in America by Glam Affair
Ice jewelry set by Chop Zuey
Sovereign eyes in Oxidation by Ikon
Poses by Posesion


Experts on romance say for a happy marriage there has to be more than a passionate love.
For a lasting union, they insist, there must be a genuine liking for each other.
Which, in my book, is a good definition for friendship.

Marilyn Monroe
Lovelies, I have the most amazing summer romantic dress to show you from Topazia! It is called Danya and it is a beautiful sexy mesh dress that is perfect for a summer date night!
topazia danya gown pamplemousse_001
I am wearing the dress in the Pamplemousse color but it comes in several other colors and it works perfectly with my Maitreya Lara mesh body.
topazia danya gown pamplemousse_002
The cute hair style is called Sorbet from Wasabi Pills.
Danya dress in Pamplemousse by Topazia
Sorbet hair in Pancake by Wasabi Pills
Sovereign eyes in Oxidation by Ikon
Amberly II skin in America by Glam Affair
Poses by Posesion

Sexy Summer

Summer has filled her veins with light
and her heart is washed with noon.

C. Day Lewis

In my last post for today , it is a mega post showing a lot of the new line from Lavian over the past few weeks.


All clothing is from Lavian

Amberly II skin in America by Glam Affair

Hair styles are from Exile, Envogue, Truth, Elua and Lamb

Sovereign eyes in Oxidation by Ikon

Poses by Posesion