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Fun at Two Sisters!

Yay so I have a new modeling job at Two Sisters and it is lovely. Georgia, my boss, is one of the nicest people I have met on SL and I am a lucky lady as I have two amazing bosses. Here are some fun outfits I put together with clothes and jewelry all from Two Sisters. Joining the group is free and this month alone, I think there were 17 group gifts!

tst 900 members gown_002 tst 900 members gown with tangle rose set_001This outfit is free and it is the 900 group member gift paired with the Tangle Set in Rose. The jewelry comes in many colors including aqua, plum, and the rose. The below outfit is a fun jogging outfit called Calamity blue with the Aqua Tangle Set.

tst calamity blue sparkles jogging set tangle aqua_001 tst calamity blue sparkles jogging set tangle aqua_002As you can see there are bracelets, rings, a necklace, and earrings in each set. They also come with a belly jewel and hair picks. Next up is the Calamity pink jogging suit with the 1000 member jewelry group gift. Joining costs nothing and you get so many nice gifts.

tst calamity pink jogging set with 1000 member gift_001 tst calamity pink jogging set with 1000 member gift_002It comes with the garnet earrings and necklace. The next set is the Calamity plaid jogging suit and I paired it with the fun Penelope jewelry.

tst calamity pink jogging set with 1000 member gift_003 tst calamity pink jogging set with 1000 member gift_004There is a necklace as  well but it didn’t work with this outfit. This set comes in many options and many colors. The last color jogging suit I have to show is the tan one paired with the fun Jaimie Amber set.

tst calamity pink jogging set with 1000 member gift_006 tst calamity pink jogging set with 1000 member gift_005All hair styles are from Ploom and makeup is from Face Paint. Head on over to Two Sisters to pick up these fabulous deals for a steal!!

Your taxi is below:

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Urban Grunge and Me

So Urban Grunge is good to have in your portfolio just in case you need it. Thank Gosh there is a store like Emery in Second Life to make my life easier.

emery grunge look 1_001 emery grunge look 1_002The top look is the plaid shirt in grey with the denim jeans all from Emery. The earrings are from Finesmith and the make up is from Face Paint. The hair is Vanity.

emery grunge look 2_001 emery grunge look 2_002This crazy look is also all from Emery but the shoes are Maitreya for sale at Emery. The jacket is Shena Red and the jumpsuit is striped gray. The socks are orchid striped black and the makeup is Madrid Solo. The jewelry is from Addiction Jewelry and is their gift in the POE hunt!

Thanks for reading everyone! Take care and happy new year.

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Baiastice New Juliet and Qiobe dresses

Baiastice recently released several new dresses all in time for the holidays. There are several different cuts and colors for sale of each dress. I already posted the lovely Mana dress but here are a couple more.

The first dress is the short and sassy Juliet dress in red. It is more cocktail length but it is lovely and if you are not into wearing gowns so much then this dress is perfect for you.

baistice juilet dress in red_001 baistice juilet dress in red_002The next dress is the Qiobe dress in gold. This dress reminds me of old vintage Hollywood. It is simple yet classic and it does not need much to style it as it is beautiful on its own.

baistice qiobe dress_001Style Credits-

1st picture:

Dress-Juliet in Rose by Baistice

Hair-Peyton Naturals by Ploom

Jewelry-Winter Solstice by Chop Zuey Jewelry

Nails-Ultra Mesh Nails by Jamman Jewels

2nd picture:

Dress-Qiobe in Gold by Baistice

Hair-Peyton Naturals by Ploom

Jewelry-Winter Solstice by Chop Zuey Jewelry

Nails-Ultra Mesh Nails by Jamman Jewels

Thanks for reading everyone! Take care and happy new years to everyone.

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OTFC December Offerings Part 2

As promised, here are more of the stellar outfits you can get this month at October Trending Fashion Chamber but hurry as it changes out on January 1st!

Captive Designs has several amazing gowns and dresses for sale. This one is available in red and gold. They also have another dress called Sparkle in red and green which is mesh.

otfc dangerous kitty golden glitter_001 otfc dangerous kitty golden glitter_002Sparkyle Skins has these boots called Heritage ankle boots and they come in 4 different colors to buy. The colors are ruby, plum, jade and coal respectively.

heritage jade boots_001 heritage ruby boots_001 heritage plum boots_001 lillou dana oftc_002Next is a fun holiday theme mesh robe from Leri Miles Designs. There is also a Daddy version for men.

lmd mesh robe_002 lmd mesh robe_001The next outfit is a mesh corset top and skirt named Cerise from Captive Designs.

otfc cd cerise corset outfit_001Loordes of London has these fun mid calf boots for sale in blue and red.

otfc evolve shine dress and loordes boots in red_001Hair styles are from Wasabi Pills, Truth, and Amacci. Poses are from Manifeste, Posesion and Katink. Makeup is from Face paint and the earrings are from Ben’s Beauty for sale at OTFC.

Here is your taxi-

Take care everyone! I hope to get one more post to show you the rest of the items.

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Toush in Black

Sascha has released a beautiful new formal gown named Toush. It comes in a silvery white color but the belt and shoulder accessories change with all 4 colors. There is black, blue, red and pink. The black and blue are both $325 linden while the pink and red at $500 linden each.

There are several different ways to wear this dress with many different skirt options and accessories for the top. Here are some pictures of the different ways you can wear it in the black version.

sascha toush black grande_001 sascha toush black grande_002 sascha toush black grande_003 sascha toush black grande_004 sascha toush black grande_005  sascha toush black_001In order of pics- Grande Skirt, Hip Skirt, Soap bubble Skirt, Sweeper Skirt, Half Hip Swish Skirt.

Poses-Manifeste, Posesion and Katink.

Style Credits-

Hair-Ploom Mosch and Vanity Chanel Drops

Makeup-9 to 5 option 1 by Facepaint

Jewelry-Tyra in Diamond by Finesmith

Shoes-Coquette in Black by N-Core

Nails-Ultra Mesh Nails by Jamman Jewels

Thanks for reading everyone. Take care.

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Grumble Mesh Rollup Dress

Grumble released this super adorable mesh dress called Rollup in several different colors this week. It comes in 5 sizes and its very affordable at Grumble 2. I paired it with Pocahontas hair from Lelutka.

grumble roll neck dress black_001Black

grumble roll neck dress coral_001Coral

grumble roll neck dress purple_001Purple

grumble roll neck dress taupe_001Taupe

Thanks for reading everyone. Take care.

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OTFC December Offerings

I know there are only a few days left for this month and this cycle of the October Trending Fashion Chamber but you still have time to hop on in and get these fantastic clothes for a steal as nothing is over 300 linden! Here are some of the looks I put together for this month’s cycle.

Evolve has two mesh dresses this month, Harvest and Shine.

otfc evolve shine dress_001 otfc evolve shine flower dress_001

Lillou Designs has the fun little cocktail number named Dana. I added the boots from Heritage in Coal with this outfit.

lillou dana oftc_001 lillou dana oftc_002 ben earrings_001The above picture is the beautiful wing earrings you can get from Ben’s Beauty. In Monster has a sexy little mesh mini dress in several different colors.

oftc inmonster louis dress with ben beauty earrings_001 oftc inmonster louis dress with ben beauty earrings_003 oftc inmonster louis dress with ben beauty earrings_002Vero Modero has a stylish fun  winter set that will be sure to keep you warm!

otfc vero modero_001 otfc vero modero_002Hair styles are from Tameless, Truth, Lelukta and Vanity.

Poses are from Manifeste, Posesion and Katink.

Another quick post to come to show you the rest of the items! Thanks for reading and see everyone soon!

Here is your taxi-

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More fun at Azul

I bought so many gowns at Azul. I know I like formalwear a lot and I am trying to become more versatile and show off all sorts of ranges but I cannot resist a good sale on beautiful gowns. AZUL I love you, I bought sooo many gowns there this month. This is just a short sweet post to show you the beautiful gowns I got at a steal.

azul  shena in coral_001The above dress is the lovely Shena in Coral dress.

azul annalise amethyst_001 azul annalise amethyst_002This gown is Annaliese in Amethyst

azul diamond gem_001 azul diamond gem_002The new gown Diamond Gem in Pink.

  azul je topaz gown_001 azul je topaz gown_002This gown is Je Gown in Topaz

azul julianne_001This gown is  Juilanne in Topaz.

Hair is Pocahontas by Lelutka and Exile Waiting for Tonight.

Jewelry is from Chop Zuey-Visions of Sugarplums and Winter Solstice.

Thanks for reading! See everyone soon.

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Pre-Release #5

This cycle of Pre-Release is off to a great start and I hope everyone is getting some fantastic deals on these wonderful outfits that the designers are releasing for us to grab early for a steal. In this post, I have the outfits from Pink Pearl Designs and Tori Styles, nails from Jamman Jewels, and jewelry from Pomposity.

The first outfit I have to show you is from Pink Pearl Designs. It is a mesh outfit called Stephanie that comes in five sizes so you are sure to find one that will fit your body.  It is a sassy white tank covered with a light pink sweater with jeans to complete the look. I added the mesh nails from Jamman Jewels and the jewelry from Pomposity all available at PR to complete this outfit.

 ppd stephanie_002ppd stephanie_003The next outfit is also from Pink Pearl Designs and it is called  Daring. I did feel a little daring taking the pictures in this sexy little number. It is also mesh and comes in 5 sizes as well. The black top shows off a lot of skin but leaves just enough to the imagination. The pink leopard print skirt shows off your nice long legs while covering all your bits and pieces!

ppd daring_002 ppd daring_001Sexy and fun! The next outfits from Tori’s Styles continues the sexy and fun theme I have going on in this post. The first outfit is a sexy pink catsuit called Siren in Pink. It hugs all your curves appropriately showing them off to their advantage. It even comes with the sexy jewelry shown.

ts PR siren pink_001 ts PR siren pink_002The next outfit is called Release Me and it is fun as well but this outfit is a little warmer for winter time! It is a complete outfit and it comes with the boots that are pictured. I added the mesh nails from Jamman Jewels to this outfit because I love them.

TS PR Release me_001 TS PR Release me_003Hairs are from Tameless, Ploom. Amacci and poses are from Muse, Posesion and Katink.

So many great deals to be had! Here is your taxi to PR-

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Masoom Deals!

Continuing on with the wonderful clothing I found at Masoom, here I present to you three looks that you can get for a steal of deals as they are all under 100 linden.

The first look I bring to you is a cute little red sexy mesh dress called Rachel and it is available at this cycle of The Designer Circle for a mere 85 linden.

masoom rachel dress_003 masoom rachel dress_004Here is your taxi-

The next dress is called Aliza and it is also a short sexy dress but it is not mesh. This white dress with the snowflake design is perfect for that winter party you have coming up and for a mere 80 linden, be sure to head on over to the Designer Showcase to pick it up.

masoom aliza dress_001 masoom aliza dress_002Here is your taxi- but hurry it will change at the beginning of January

The next dress I have to show you is the gorgeous Hellen red mesh dress. It is a long formal gown that was for sale in the 12 days of Christmas event for a mere 50 linden.

masoom hellen dress_001 masoom hellen dress_002Style Credits-

1st pic:

Dress-Rachel by Masoom at The Designer Circle

Hair-Valerie 2 in Seafoam by Wasabi Pills at Collabor88 Dec.

Jewelry-Black Ice Set from Chop Zuey in 12 days gifts

2nd pic:

Dress-Aliza by Masoom at Designers Showcase

Hair-Pocahontas Marilyn by Lelutka

Jewelry-Glaxis Set by Chop Zuey

3rd pic:

Dress-Hellen by Masoom in 12 days of Christmas Event

Hair-Pocahontas Marilyn by Lelutka

Jewelry-Glaxis Set by Chop Zuey

Here is your taxi-

Thanks for reading everyone! Take care and happy shopping!

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