Love at First Touch

Yes you heard me right,everyone. I am in love. I love love love love love the new shoes and one touch hud from Gos Boutique’s new shoes. I bought three pairs so far and the bare feet as well. It is by far the best thing ever and more designers need to come out with it, *cough mesh hand maker*

Anyway, I adore this new dress from Maitreya called the Mignon Evening in Red. This dress comes in many many colors 15 in total and each color is 400 l or you can get a fatpack with all dresses for 2500l.

finesmith_002I paired it with the new baroque Edina in copper set from Finemith and the Marilyn shoes in Red Patent from Gos Boutique.

finesmith_001The jewelry set comes with the necklace, earrings, a bracelet and a matching ring all for $799 l. It comes in copper, gold and silver or there is a fatpack for 2199 l if you like all three colors.  It tended to de-rez on me if I was zoomed out for pictures some.

finesmith_003I paired it with the Jasmine hair in Marilyn from Lelutka with the matching hair base and the new love of my Second Life. Gos Shoes. The one click hud is amazing…. you put your shoes on, they are mesh so find the size that fits you, click the hud and it brings you to a website that comes preloaded with 300 some skins. They are organized by brand and color so I now wear Amberly from Glam Affair. I just clicked Glam Affair found America and hit save.

finesmith_004I come in world, sync the web and the hud together and just hit the color. The hud lets you save 5 presets but you can change them at anytime. See how nicely it matches? And they aren’t even that expensive! 795 a pair per color. The above shoes are Marilyn.

Dress-Mignon Evening in Red by Maitreya

Hair-Jasmine in Marilyn by Lelutka

Jewelry-Edina in Copper by Finesmith

Shoes-Marilyn in Red Patent by Gos Boutique

Makeup-9 to 5 v1 by Face Paint

Poses-Posesion and Katink

Thanks for reading everyone! New sexy stuff coming from Countdown! Take care and see everyone soon 🙂


Cao and Loli, Oh MY!

Purplemoon Creations has released some lovely new colors of the Cao gown which I showed you the red version that was a limited edition at Christmas time. Now, they have added 7 more stunning colors that you can buy. Each color is 495 l and you can get it at the main Purplemoon store.

Here I show you the gorgeous Pearl and Pink colors of this gown. I love the feminine feel of this gown and the soft delicate lace on the shoulders.

countdown_028 countdown_030 countdown_029The top is tight fitting with an open back that shows off your nice back while it floats down into a beautiful wispy skirt. The above picture is the pearl color while below is the gorgeous pink color.

countdown_035 countdown_037The dress also comes in red, purple, gold just to name a few.Donna Flora had an amazing sale for her birthday and so many things were only 50 l! 50 l so I picked up a lot of stuff including the gorgeous jewelry above.

The next dress I have to show you is the amazing gown designed for Miss Virtual World France Lolita Paragon for her formal gown in the Miss Virtual World Pageant. Lolita wore a beautiful purple version of it but I adore this gorgeous cream color dress.

countdown_039The dress has a sleeveless bodice with a sheer overlay that is highly decorated with soft golden lace textures followed with a golden belt to tie the top and the waist together.  The top floats down into a mermaid skirt but it is heavily decorated with the skirts as they move back and forth as you walk.

countdown_040The sleeves are also very detailed and sway with movement. I added the Miss Virtual World Lollita Paragon set with it from Lazuri. It is gem and texture change so I chose the gorgeous red to bring out the golden tones in the dress.

countdown_041The whole jewelry set is on sale for a mere 999 linden for Lazuri group members and there are also free group gifts featuring this set that all you need to do is join the group which is free.

All hair are from E! which is having a retirement sale.

Makeup is from Face Paint.

Jewelry is from Donna Flora and Lazuri

Poses are from Posesion, The Muse Poses and Katink

Here is your limo to Purple Moon

Here is your limo to Lazuri

Thanks for reading everyone! Take care and see everyone soon!

Beyond Image Studio

I have had quite a few pictures done by Rabia Rehula and Beyond Image Studio for contests lately and I must say her work is stunning and it always makes me go omg I love it. Here are some of the pictures that she did for me- all were for competitions.

This first picture is my entry into the Film Noir Erotica comp for the Gallery Assis owned by Eli Wallace. I think this came out superb. I just had to supply the outfit and Rabia did the rest.

Averil-Under a Pale MoonHere are the pictures she took of me for the Avenue application I turned in. The first picture was the outfit I put together for new baroque and I thought the picture came out amazing. 

Averil - ballon full bodyThe second picture is what I did for the devil is in the details and Rabia once again astounds me with her wonderful work.

Averil-pinky-full bodyThis is the gorgeous picture she took of me so I could have a full body shot to turn in with my Avenue application.

Averil - tigerAnd last but not least is the gorgeous photo she did for me for The White Armory photo contest in which we got Honorable Mention 🙂

twa-averil2She does such beautiful work and she is a steal at 1000 l a picture. Couple pictures are a little more at 1350l a picture but still well worth it. Look Rabia up in world or check out her flickr. She is amazing.

Thanks for reading everyone. Take care.

Oh Cheri

Georgia Star at Two Sisters/Treasured Sisters Boutique has been super busy making clothing, jewelry and furniture for us ladies to buy. Men can buy the furniture too as it is all very fun and reasonable.

The newest thing I have to show you is the Cheri pant outfit. It comes in three different colors and each color is a mere 149 linden. The outfit is not mesh but it fits your curves nicely. The first color is blue and it is paired with the 60s set in Blue.

Snapshot_006I love the baroque feeling of the top and the open keyhole in the back to show off your sexy spine.

Snapshot_008It also comes in a gorgeous green color that has a gold pattern woven throughout the shirt and it is accompanied by light olive colored pants. It looks great with the 60s jewelry set, this time in purple.

Snapshot_009Here is a close up picture of the shirt so you can see the marvelous detail that Georgia put into it. It definitely has a damask feeling in it.

Snapshot_011The Cheri pink version is a light lime green colored set with pink accents throughout the top, the belt and the pant cuffs. It reminds me of spring.

Snapshot_012The pants cling nice to your lower half and show your nice booty in a great way.

Snapshot_013Such a steal on all of these cute outfits and jewelry. You can get them all at Two Sisters for the jewelry and Treasured Sisters for the clothing. So head on over today and pick up these and many other steals while you are there.

Hairs are from Exile, E and Truth

Poses are from Posesions and Katink

Shoes are from N-Core

Thanks for reading everyone. Take care.

Nice in Seafoam

Last week Sascha added nine more amazing colors of the Sparkle Nice dress so now there are a total of 13 colors! Each color ranges from 299 l to 499 l but there is a fat pack available with all 13 colors.

Here is the gorgeous Seafoam dress I picked up. The pictures really do not do it justice. This is with the shoulder bolero which can be detached and the fluffer skirt option.

sascha vday gown_013It is paired with the Brianna hair from Truth and jewelry from Two Sisters.

sascha vday gown_014The next version is with the tulle bolero top and just the mermaid skirt at the bottom.

sascha vday gown_016There is also the grande skirt option.

sascha vday gown_017And last but not least is the sleek skirt option.

sascha vday gown_015This dress shimmers and sparkles like crazy. It is sexy and fun if you are braver than me you can even mix and match the tops and skirt prims from the other colors and make a whole new rainbow look!

Be sure to head into Sascha’s today to pick up one or two or all of your favorite gowns today!

Your limo is below 🙂 or if you prefer the marketplace

Thanks for reading everyone. Take care and see everyone soon.

Poopoo Pant Sets

This week Sascha released two fun mesh pant outfits named Poopoo. They come in black and white and each color is a mere 275l. They are mesh but they come in 5 standard sizes. I am very tall and very skinny and the small fit me great.

Snapshot_006 Snapshot_007The belt does have a resizer in it so you can change it to fit your waist. It looks super trendy with the Salome hair from Lelutka.

Snapshot_001The outfit is the same as the black just now it is in white.

Snapshot_002I love the little fur accented coat. It is so fun and cute. Head on over to Sascha’s today to pick up this fun outfit and so many more other amazing things there.

Here is your limo-

The hair is Salome in Marilyn from Lelutka and the makeup is 9 to 5 v 1 from Face Paint. The fun little rings are from Ben’s Beauty called Orient. The shoes are the amazing Mae shoes from Gos Boutique…. omg they are fabulous. Please please please Gospel make hands like you made the feet.

Thanks for reading everyone. Take care and more posts on the way.

Pre-Release Hangover Cycle

There are a few more days to check out this cycle of Pre-Release where nothing is over 125 l! The theme is Hangover so there are a lot of cute fuzzy clothing.

Mystic Canvas has put up a beautiful skin that comes with two boobie options as well as a fun little shape. It looks great with the dresses from Pink Sugar and the earrings from Pomposity both on sale at Pre-Release.

pinksugar black and white rawr_004 pinksugar black and white rawr_007Demented Dreamworks has a super fun little package of cozy socks for us. There are 6 colors to choose from to wear and you can either wear the socks with the ball or without the ball. You get all 6 colors for a mere 59 l.

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_009 Snapshot_008 Snapshot_007 Snapshot_006Infamous is making sure that we are still sexy even if we lounge around the house all day in our undies. Their first item is a sexy little body suit that comes in either pink or teal. It is perfect to wear as lingerie or with a pair of jeans to go out shopping.

Snapshot_015 Snapshot_016It looks great with the Falling Heart earrings from Pomposity and the mesh nails from Jamman Jewels all for sale at Pre-Release this round. The second item from Infamous is a fun little mesh short outfit. Now it is still the middle of winter here in Chicago but this outfit makes me wish it were summer.

Snapshot_014 Masoom has some cozy pajama pants and a sexy tattoo for us ladies while Noise has some t-shirts for men. I added it to the lady pajamas so you can see how cute they are.

masoom and noise_001 masoom and noise_002They look great with the flashing light earrings from Pomposity. The next outfit is a fun little sweater mesh dress from Shine. It comes in a warm brown color and has a nice rich texture to it.

masoom and noise_003 masoom and noise_004It looks nice with the socks from DDW and the earrings from Phoebe’s Piercings all for sale at this round of Pre-Release. Last but not least is the super fun dress from Tori’s Style.

masoom and noise_005 masoom and noise_006It is mesh but it comes in many different sizes. You can wear it with or without the jacket. There are three different jacket options and there is a long boot alpha with the dress as well if you want to wear boots with it. It looks awesome with the jewelry set from Phoebe’s Piercings and the nails from Jamman Jewels for sale at this round of Pre-Release.

You still have a few more days to go there and catch all these great deals. The next round doesn’t start til February 3rd so hurry in and grab your favorites or be like me and grab them all.

Hairs are from Amacci, Exile and Vanity

Poses are from Posesion, Manifeste, Exposeur and Katink

Here is your limo-

Thanks for reading everyone! Take care and see you soon.