Weekend Update

So this weekend has not been so super awesome in my modeling world. I got eliminated from the Lillou’s Supermodel competition and I adored this look I put together.

karin blue_039I did not make the Mohna Lisa Couture Semi-finals but I had a fabulous dress and this picture was shot before I changed my shape but it is still fabulous.

Photo by UjjuAnd here are my pictures for the Face of Zuri but I didn’t make that semi finals either šŸ™‚ These pictures came out fantastic though and were done by Mrohs Baxton at Pureshot Photography.

Averil Artsy The Face of Zuri Contest - Averil close The Face of Zuri Contest - Averil fullSo next up is the Avenue Model Casting Application and the LD Model Search 2013. I have the final for Miss Diamond Style and a few castings that came up in the group. I am going to do the casting for DotBe and I am in the black history show next month. Starting Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy in February and the next batch of Avenue classes which probably start in February. All and all I am very proud of where I am now as it is about getting my name out there and working hard.

I am always open for print work for your stores or magazines and will do it for free. I like to blog so if you need bloggers send me a message, however my group space is full. Good luck to everyone who moved on in the competitions, you ladies all will rock it.

Thanks for reading everyone and take care!


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