Pre-Release is Hung Over!

The new round of Pre-Release just started and since we partied hard last cycle, we are now hung over. The designers have put out some fun comfy outfits to relax in so we can all recover.

Ruca Tease put up this fun cozy mesh skirt and sweater outfit. It looks great with the heart earrings from Pomposity that you can also get at Pre-Release and the sexy nails are from Jamman Jewels from the last round.

Snapshot_025 Snapshot_027Their second item is a super fun and cozy robe that has matching slippers! It is perfect to wear on those cold wintery days or when you aren’t feeling like getting dressed at all! Thanks Bon 🙂

Snapshot_033 Snapshot_032 Firebird Designs also made a fun sexy robe and slippers to keep up nice and comfy when we are not feeling so awesome from partying too hard last round. She has a fun leopard print robe with matching slippers.

Snapshot_034 Snapshot_035You can buy the robe for 75 l and the slippers are 49l right here

The next outfit is a super sexy boyfriend shirt from Ava Girl complete with pink socks to make you still be a little bit girly. I love the earrings from Pomposity which are 79 l at this cycle of Pre-Release.

Snapshot_022 Snapshot_023This sexy little shirt is 99 l and you can get it right here

The second item is a cute pair of mesh pjs that has a fitted pink tank top with cozy pj pants. It looks great to wear around the house or even out shopping when you don’t feel like dressing up. It is also 99 l at PR.

Snapshot_024There are so many great deals and things at this round of PR. Nothing is over 125l so be sure to stop in to pick up a few or all of your favorite things.

Here is your ride-

Hairs are from Wasabi Pills, Exile and Tameless.

Makeup is from Face Paint

Thanks for reading everyone. More from PR coming.


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