Spring Session Almost Over

The spring session of Pre-Release is almost over but you still have a couple of days to head on over and get these lovely outfits at a steal.


The above outfit is the Shaved Cherry Blossom Hair from Zoz Icon, the jewelry is from Pomposity and the cute mesh dress is from D&G. It also comes in blue.

kaithleens_001 kaithleens_002

The bright floral jumpers are from Kaithleens and they are mesh! The fun jewelry is fun Ava Girl.


This beautiful rose dress is from FBD and it comes with the bracelets. Their second item is a sexy gorgeous orange dress with a light green undershirt.


Ava Girl has a super sexy fun summertime outfit for us ladies.


Fallen Dreams has a fun flirty strapless dress in a lovely blue color.



kaithleens_010 kaithleens_011

The new skin is called Robin from Hush and this is the cream color in Rose. She is beautiful. The next outfit is from Fiend and it is a strapless tube top with shorts, all in mesh.


Last but not least is a fun strapless dress from Killa Designs.


Hurry in to Pre-Release today to pick up these great items soon as the new session will be starting soon! Thanks Designers for the great items!

Here is your SURL- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xemtantic/201/107/1501


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