Love Donna Flora Event Needs You!!

If you have read my blog for years, you’ll know that I love the Donna Flora brand in SL. Squinternet Larnia is very sick in real life, so when the community (her friends, fellow designers, residents) found out, we decided to do something to help. The Love Donna Fundraiser will raise money to help with her medical expenses. Even if you don’t know Squinternet personally, if you have enjoyed reading my blog and seeing her wonderful creations featured, please take a moment to read about the event.

In the mean time, you can shop at Donna Flora, buy some gorgeous jewelry pieces for yourself, or a friend!

Donna Flora

For years, Squinternet Larnia has been an active and well-loved member of the Second Life community. There were items from her store, Donna Flora, at almost every charity fundraiser. When she was asked, she said yes.

December 2011, Squinternet learned she had breast cancer and that it had already metastasized to her bones. Her prognosis was bleak and she was not expected to see the summer. Well, this is the second summer since her diagnosis. She pursued alternative therapies that have helped and given her a hopeful and joyful extra year. However, the cancer has regrouped and her strength is flagging. At the moment she needs home nursing care and is hoping to travel to a cancer treatment center in northern Italy for another last-chance attempt to prove the doctors wrong. You can read more about her life, her work and her struggle with cancer in an article from AVENUE  wrote last December.

Since she has not been strong enough to release recently, her income from SL has dropped to just enough to maintain her sim. In characteristic Second Life fashion, the community that makes SL what it is has come together to throw a fundraiser for her to help defray her  expenses. While Italy has national health insurance, she must finance any alternative therapies and much of her home nursing care.

It will begin on July 25th and run through August 11th.

Visit the LoveDonnaFlora blog to read more about the event, how to sign up as a designer, blogger, or just leave a message for Squinternet!

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