The Colors of Me!

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.
Pablo Picasso

There is a new Blogging Challenge I will try to participate. It might be hard as it might have some controversial topics but there are choices on which topic to write about. This week I chose the colors of me. The colors of me can be interpreted many different ways. I tend to like bright cheery colors and only wear a lot of black for specific occasions.

I wear a lot of pinks, purples, sometimes teals and greens. I choose my colors based on my skin and the season chart. I am normally very quiet and very reserved but not once I get to know someone. I tend to have a few very close friends but many other friends I will help in an instant anyway they need.

dd II Lungo Addio July GG_001

Colors help to shape our world and without them, the world would be a boring place. I do love a great sexy black dress though and black and white outfits are always timeless. I find Avant Garde challenges hard to do not using White or Black.

Colors can be subjective as if you wear black all the time, people get a stereotype that you are Goth or Emo. I tend to think maybe you just like black clothing as it is very slimming. If you go around wearing neon color clothing in real life, I think that makes a statement as well that you are a bright cheery person and like to stand out. All in all what we wear can be a reflection of us but the stuff on the outside matters little compared to what is inside of each of us. Beauty is not skin deep. It must be heart deep. Colors and skins all shape the world but ultimately it comes down to who we are inside to decide what color to show today.

dd II Lungo Addio July GG_002

Thanks for reading everyone and supporting my ramblings. The Writer’s Block Challenge can be found here-


Dress-IL Adagio Dress in Pink Dead Dollz July Group Gift

Hair-Candy in Light Blondes by Truth



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