Chapter Two: Big Lights, Big City

Only an artist can interpret the meaning of life.


Lovelies, it is time for Chapter Two in the Writing Block Challenge and I chose to write on the topic Big Lights, Big City. I feel that this topic is one I can relate to with the Miss Virtual World Contest challenges starting next month. I started modeling in Second Life to be Miss Virtual World, that was and is the goal. Yes it is very ambitious and it will be a lot of hard work but I am not afraid of the work.

no razzle dazzle sequin mini red_003

As a model in Second Life, you are constantly under lights. You sell yourself and your image, your name, you are the number 1 promoter of you because with almost 3,000 other female models who else is going to get you noticed if its not yourself working your tail off to get under the lights. Everything you do from the past will be scrutinized from your partner to your profile to your groups and you must make sure everything looks nice and shiny when the lights come shining down on you to make your name shine in those bright lights.

no razzle dazzle sequin mini red_001

Big City- I look at the MVW pageant as a big city in a metaphor because it is the toughest modeling competition on the grid and there are so many amazing wonderful models in it. You will be sure it will be fierce and watched by many people in the fashion world. I am totally insane so I will probably buy and put together 10 looks for each challenge and be like omg help! what do I wear. It amazes me the organization and how well they do it and have it run every year. It is like a slick well oiled machine and it makes our process easier as contestants.

no razzle dazzle sequin mini red_002

I stop and think to myself, a year ago I just started to really get into modeling in Second Life and now a year later, with a lot of hard work and a lot of time with a lot more to come, I see the big lights and the big city and some of that time and dedication paying off. Modeling is not for everyone, you spend a lot more then you make. You have to have a thick skin and be able to take criticism, be willing to listen to what people are telling you and use all that help they give you to make you the best you can be. I mean my shape alone has been changed 5 times. It is still me and looks like me, it is just more model worthy.

In Second Life, we all have to do what we love and make it fun and worthwhile. It is a game and a way of life, we come here to relax, hang out with our friends, listen to good music or some of us like to use it to explore our fashion needs and model. Whatever you do make sure you are having fun and letting your own lights guide your way.

The first official announcement of all the MVW 2014 Candidates is September 22!!! I am so so so so excited and I am happy to be able to blog most of my journey here with you all because I am a blog a holic. Thanks for reading Lovelies, hugs and kisses to you all.


Dress-Razzle Sequin Dress in Red by NO at C88

Hair-Layla in Cat’s Eye by Diva at C88

Shoes-Grace in Gold by Gos

Jewelry-Cieleste Heirloom Dark Gems Set by Lazuri

Glitter Lipstick in Red by {M.U.A}

Poses by Manifeste and background by Katink


One thought on “Chapter Two: Big Lights, Big City

  1. Averil thank you so much for keeping it real.. the fashion aspect of Second Life has always been intriguing to me and sometimes we forget that its not just about throwing on whatever.. but about styling looks (rl/sl) that inspire consumers to think about what they are investing in.. appreciate coming here and seeing what you put together everyday!

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