Face of Dot Be Fashion

Alright my Lovelies, it is time to announce the Face of Dot Be Fashion! We are looking for both a male and a female face for the store with some fabulous prizes. For step one, all you have to do is send in a picture to the Dot Be Flickr group wearing anything you would like that is currently for sale in the store.

Post your photo right here http://www.flickr.com/groups/2252948@N20/ and we are taking photos til September 30th, 2013. In October there will be a live runway show with prizes going to the top 3 women and top 3 men which so far include-

First place :

* 1 collection named after you
* Complete collection for 1 year
* Certified Model for AIM
* interview in ModeLS magazine
* title of Face of Dot-be
* vendor shots for store
* runway performance as Face of Dot-Be in every show that Dot-Be does
* 2500 linden
* 300 l gift card from {M.U.A} *
* 750 gift card from Truth Hair *
* 1000 gift card from BSD and a vendor shot of an upcoming shoe release *
* 500 Gift card from Chop Zuey Jewelry *

* 2500 linden
* 1000 gift card from Zibska
* 750 gift card from Kauna
* 500 l gift card from {M.U.A}
* 250 gift card from chop zuey

Second Place :
* store giftcard 1000L
* vendor shots
* store model

* 1000L
* 300 gift card from {M.U.A}
* 500 gift card from Truth Hair
* 500 l gift card from BSD
* 100 Gift card from Chop Zuey Jewelry

* 1000L
* 500 gift card from Zibska
* 500 gift card from Kauna
* 500 Gift card from mua

Third Place :
* store giftcard 500L
* store model


* 500L
* 250 gift card from Truth Hair


* 500L
* 300 gift card from Zibska


Rules :
* contest is valid if min 10 people make it into the final
* pictures contest min 20 people have to join
* certified model or becoming one in week of final
* Candidates remain in the Dot-BE group in world.
* Candidates must treat all with the utmost respect at all times.
* Candidates must act within an ethical and professional manner at all times
* Winners agree to upkeep the social media postings – Facebook, Twitter, WordPress blog, Flickr, etc..
* Winners agree to promote DOT-be during a year
* Winners agree Represent the brand Dot-BE during a year
* Winners agree do runway for Dot-Be shows
* Winners agree Vendor shots for the new outfits that are released
* Winners agree free store modeling time
** Winners agree Blogposts on dot-be site
* Winners agree to wear the Face of Dot-BE in public

Falsification of information and failure to comply with the policies may result in immediate disqualification and/or forfeiture of prizes won without benefit of refund in full or in part.

Send in your picture to the Flickr group and please name it Face of Dot Be-your name

If you have any questions, please send them to Averil. Thank you all and best of luck to everyone. I am still working on the prizes.


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