Ilya from Topazia

To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.

John Henry Newman

Lovelies, if you have not been to Topazia yet, you should head on over there. Nat makes great mesh clothing in so many different colors for us ladies and it is all very affordable. Here is one of the latest releases, the super cute Ilya dress.

topazia ilya sweety dress purple_001 topazia ilya sweety dress purple_002

Above is the adorable purple color while below are different versions you can get as well with the gradient and the blue.

topazia ilya sweety dress purple_003 topazia ilya sweety dress purple_004


Dress-Ilya Dress in Purple, Blue and Gradient 01 by Topazia

Hair-Meadow in Candy by Vanity Hair

Jewelry-Hearts A Flame by Chop Zuey

Poses by Di’s Opera Poses


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