Pure Poison Fall

I don’t think God cares if I wear nail polish or not. I don’t think that’s a deal breaker for him.
Sofia Vergara
Ok here is another massive post to show you the gorgeous new fall collection from Pure Poison!
First up is the gorgeous Angeline Golden Dress paired with the new Gillian hair from Damselfly!
pp angeline golden dress_001 pp angeline golden dress_002
This dress also comes in a Leo color which is below!
pp angeline leo dress_001 pp angeline leo dress_002
The next outfit is the Anne dress which comes in the fur color and the gradient color which are pictured below:
pp anne fur dress_001 pp anne gradient dress_001
The next outfit is the fun flirty Diana dress which comes in two colors, geo and stripes.
pp diana geo dress_002 pp diana stripes dress_001
The Monique dress is also stunning and it comes in baroque and golden which are pictured below!
The sexy Jenie necklace is from Pure Poison in the first picture and the Eliza one is with the golden dress 
also from Pure Poison!
pp monique baroque dress jennie necklace_001 pp monique baroque dress jennie necklace_002 pp monique golden dress elize necklace_001
All of the above looks can be found at the Avenue Retail Gallery.
Below is the new Jessy skirt from Pure Poison in blue and brown
pp jessy skirt blue_001 pp jessy skirt brown_001
Hair is from Damselfly and Exile.
Poses are from Manifeste

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