Keep Calm and Go Shopping

Defeat should never be a source of discouragement but rather a fresh stimulus.

Robert South

Lovelies, here are some wonderfully beautiful gowns from Romance Couture.

They are on sale for the special price of $300 l per gown at the

Finesmith’s Keep Calm Fall Bazaar!

First up is the beautiful Serena in Plum and I paired it with the Felicity hair from Truth.

rc serena plum_001

Serena Plum

Serena Plum

The next beautiful dress is the Selina dress in Merlot but it comes in many other colors.

rc selina merlot_001

Selina Merlot

Selina Merlot

Another gorgeous gown is the Rea gown!

rc rea gold_001

Rea in Gold

Rea in Gold

And last but not least are the beautiful Centari gowns in gold and chocolate!

rc centari gold_001

Centari Gold

Centari Gold


rc centari chocolate_001

Centari Chocolate

Centari Chocolate


Hair-Felicity in Light Blondes by Truth

All Gowns by Romance Couture

Skin-Eva in Powder by Tuli

Lips-Intense Red Gloss by Tuli

Poses by Manifeste



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