Antwerp Bag Collection

Even if a unity of faith is not possible, a unity of love is.

Hans Urs von Balthasar

egoisme antwerp bag brown cream leather, black drops dog tags_001 egoisme antwerp black diamonds_001 egoisme antwerp cream white checkers bag_001 egoisme antwerp red crocodile_001
Lovelies, here is the newest bags from Egoisme for us ladies. It is called Antwerp and
as you can see it comes in many color options from Cream and White Leather first, then black diamonds,
then black and white checkers to the red crocodile bag which is last.
Each bag has a shoulder, elbow and hand option for both right and left side and I paired it
with the beautiful new dog tags that are out for both female and males.
Black Drops

Black Drops





These are just a couple of the designs that you can get.


Dress-Lanne by JK Style

Hair-Pivixor in Light Blondes by Vanity Hair

Bags-Antwerp Bags in Various Colors by Egoisme

Dogtag Necklaces in Various Colors by Egoisme

Poses by Manifeste


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