MVW Garbage Couture Show

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa

Today Lovelies, we had our Sixth styling challenge for Miss Virtual World and it was the Garbage Couture and Love for Mother Earth Show. I thought very hard on this look and came up with my look based on this inspirational story. I am a tree and my tree is made into a newspaper that gets recycled and made into writing stationary for a lady to write love letters to her honey to keep for eternity. So we are being Eco-friendly and give some love back to the planet.

I used many different pieces for this outfit so bare with me and the credits.

MVW Garbage Couture-Averil

This photo was taken by Charlieza


The Skin and Hair are part of the Forest Goddess set from Boudoir

The Rotating Twigs were made by Afi Designs

The corset is part of the Good Newspaper Dress from Boudoir

The Skirt is from the Love Letter Dress by Fellini Couture

The Body Dirt Makeup is from The Makeup Artist

The necklace is called Noya Nature by Finesmith

The bracelets are from Finesmith

The boots are called Lonka in white from Ducknipple

I am using leaf particles from the Autumn Fairy Set by Boudoir and

butterfly particles that float around by head from Challis Products.

My walk was from Isomotions and my poses were from Posesion.

I loved all of the challenges so far and it astounds me what everyone comes up with. All my sisters are fabulous and they inspire me to push myself forward and be fashion forward with my SL styling. Next week we have the press challenge so that should be awesome. A huge thank you to DJ A.F.I and all of her help she has given me. Take care my Lovelies and don’t forget to vote-


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