Sakura and my MVW Experience

I tell people I’m too stupid to know what’s impossible.
I have ridiculously large dreams, and half the time they come true.
Debi Thomas
So forgive me for this post, I just want to take this time and reflect on the past couple months and with Miss Virtual World. I have truly 100% enjoyed the experience. I learned to think outside of the box, try to push myself further constantly, to do what I want to do and not what others would have me do. I learned most of all to trust myself and my gut and to have faith and believe in myself. I enjoyed 100% all of the challenges even though when I read some of them I was like what in the world is this?
I googled and googled and googled images and searched the marketplace for hours looking for certain items to complete my styling. I am just a simple girl so I tried to keep my own style and make it bigger as well as better. I am so grateful for all of the friends that I have made both in the organization with the Misses and the staff as well as the friends I have made outside of it. I hope it is a great start to help me have a long modeling career here in SL as I always try to do my best and give 200%.
I can be a little shy and quiet at times but I had so much fun with the voice interview with the judges. We shared some laughter and much love. I even asked Ponchi if i could do it again. I am so pleased so far with everything that I have done in the contest and I hope I win but even if I do not win, I still plan on modeling, working on my blog, doing contests in SL and trying to get into the organization to help with the MVW pageants in the future like be a liaison with the Misses and the organization. I think that would be amazing. I started modeling because I want to be Miss Virtual World. Being Miss Virtual World USA does not define me but it did help open up doors that might not have existed prior to it. I am so very grateful and thankful for the ride and the journey. The past few months have been busy and the challenges have been hard but I would not change it ever.
All my love goes out to Bonie Facio and Ponchi for all of their help. I am sure I drove Bonie insane with omg Bonie please help me with this. Thank you to Aubry even though she is very angry with me, I thank you for all of your help trying to make me be better. Thank you to Falbala and Diana for all of your hard work each challenge. Thank you to Ponchi and Cari for making the challenges fun and thank you to Frolic for just being you which makes me push myself further and be even more fabulous. Many thanks go out to Neve from LpD and Belle from Chop Zuey, Dahriel from Posesion and Warm Clarity from Ghee, I appreciate you all so so so much. Thank you to Malicia Python from Silken Moon and Bon Bon from Ruca Tease for all of your help.
I am going to miss the experience once it is done, it has been amazing and all of the Misses are fabulous! A few more challenges and then it is over, it makes me cry to think of it but also brings joy to my heart to know that I walked with some amazingly talented models and it is an honor to be among them. I hope I made people proud and watched me change from a shy little model to a diva who can own the runway.
Only one girl will win and if it is not me, I will be sad but I will be so happy for my fellow Sister to rejoice and smile and be there with them. I am glad I was part of the experience. I believe in myself and I hope to inspire people that even an all American girl next store can be a fantastic model while still remaining true to herself.
rc sakura pink_001 rc sakura pink_002
Dress-Sakura in Pink by Romance Couture
Jewelry-Consecration Set in White by Chop Zuey
Hair-Criminal in Light Blondes by Exile
Poses by Posesion

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