Typhoon Haiyan Fundraising Event

Gloria Silverstone


Today, Friday, November 22, 2013, kicked off the Typhoon Haiyan Fundraising Event at Zenzibar – Zenshi to raise money to aid Filipinos that were effected by the recent and tragic typhoon that swept through the Philippines.  The fundraising event that will last until December 8, 2013.  On December 8, 2013 at noon there will be a live auction with special prizes including a shopping session with Mr. Frolic Mills himself, photo session with Skip Staheli and Pam Astonia, and modeling session with Lousie McWinnie.  All proceeds will go directly to the International Red Cross in the Philippines.  This weekend, November 23-24, 2013, Zenzibar will host a 2 day charity music fest.  Make sure to stop by Zenzibar and buy items from top Second Life designers, and enjoy the music.  Taxi please…



To wet your appetite on some of the items available at the Typhoon Haiyan Fundraising event, I…

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