Stuck in the Middle

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else;
you are the one who gets burned.
Lovelies, I apologize in advance as this post will be quite a long story to you all today. As you know, I went through my divorce hearing last month and it was very emotional for me but I kept praying and got thru it. The hardest part was being up on the witness stand and the judge asked me if I thought the marriage could be saved and I was under oath so I looked up at her and said no not anymore and started to cry. She reached over and handed me her box of kleenex.
Liv Glam Stuck in the Middle Dress and Amarelo Manga Aurora Necklace in Red Jasper

Liv Glam Stuck in the Middle Dress and Amarelo Manga Aurora Necklace in Red Jasper

When it was all said and done, I got the only thing I asked for and that is to have my maiden name back. At first, I was so so so angry at Brad for all of this but I like to think everything happens for a reason and I was miserable with him, nothing I ever did or didn’t do was good enough for him. The above quote is so true, its better to try to forgive at least in your mind because anger and hate take up so much negative energy.

liv glam stuck in the middle am aurora necklace red jasper_002

And heck it is sure not easy. I have gone a little over a month from contacting him at all. I used to try to arrange visitation with the dog once I left but it was a battle each and every time. I didn’t understand how when I talked or texted Brad how he could be so mean and angry to me and how he could be so cold, its like a switch flipped and he turned into someone I didn’t even know anymore. And yes I left him, I filed divorce papers so that probably explains his anger but I did try to fix things, he just wanted out. 

My point is never sacrifice yourself or who you are to please anyone other than yourself and if someone can’t appreciate you for you then they need to go and be out of your life. There are so many other people who love you for you.


Dress-Stuck in the Middle Dress by Liv Glam

Necklace-Aurora in Red Jasper by Amarelo Manga

Hair-Bryn in Light Blondes by Truth

Shoes-Rocker Chic in Black by Gos

Poses by Posesion

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