Amity and Issy

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

Charles Spurgeon
Good afternoon Lovelies! How is winter treating you? I am glad that it finally has warmed up here some and is not below zero this week at least πŸ™‚ Today, I have some great dresses to show you from Lyrical B!zaare made for Miss Virtual World 2015 finale. They are gorgeous gowns and I think they are full perm so you can change the textures to colors that you want as well πŸ™‚
First, I have the beautiful Amity gown to show you. This is the gown she wore during the MVW Finale and it comes in three different versions. This is version Amity 1 ❀
Β lbt amity_001 lbt amity_002
I paired it with the beautiful Hearts of Hope set by Chop Zuey and
the Harmony hair in Light Blondes by Truth.
lbt amity_003
Next up are the pictures of MVW 2015 United Kingdom, Issy Flately’s national costume.
This outfit comes in three different colors and it is partially mesh.
lbt issy 3_001 lbt issy 3_002
I paired it with a fun hair from Jupiter and please bear with my pose, it was hard to pose this.
Credits and Taxis-
First Outfit:
Amity 1 for MVW ’15 Romania Amity Sorbet by Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Hearts of Hope Set in Gold by Chop Zuey Couture
Harmony hair in Light Blondes by Truth
Second Outfit:
Issy 3 for MVW ’15 Issy Flately National costume by Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Jupiter hair by Zibska
Both Outfits:
Eva Radiance Skin in Fair by Tuli
Hope Eyes in Oxidation by Ikon
Poses by Posesion

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