Akeruka at the Skin Fair

And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels,
Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.


Lovelies,I have some beautiful skins to show you from Akeruka at the Skin Fair. These are two of the three that you can get there and each skin comes in many tones and many different makeups. The slink appliers are even sold in their booth as well. First up is the gorgeous Emmanuelle skin which is the Skin Fair Exclusive.

ak skin emmanuelle base tone2 mk 04_001I am wearing the Base Tone 2 in Emmanuelle in the Makeup #4 option. I love the detail on this beautiful skin. It is so very delicate. Below is the Arizona skin, which comes in many different colors and makeups as well. I am going to show you both the brow and no brow versions.

ak skin arizona base tone #5 mk01_001 ak skin arizona base tone #5 mk01_002

I am wearing the Arizona  base tone #5 in makeup 01. The package comes with the brow and no brow versions as well. I love the softness of this skin and its super cleanness.


Skins Emmanuelle and Arizona by Akeruka at the 2015 Skin Fair

Charm Eyes in Oxidation by Ikon

Serenity Jewelry Set in Ruby by Zuri’s

Clarissa hair in Light Blondes by Envogue

Poses by Posesion


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