Shades of Red with Kelini

To help yourself, you must be yourself.
Be the best that you can be.

When you make a mistake, learn from it, pick yourself up and move on.

Dave Pelzer

Ok Lovelies back to being a girl for a couple of posts. Kelini has beautiful mesh dresses for us ladies. She makes great formal gowns as well as sexy casual dresses and they are very affordable. I picked up a few of my favorites to show everyone as they were a great price and nice to wear out to Muddy’s to dance in! The first dress is a new release called Caprice and it is a fun little mesh dress that is perfect to wear around the grid!

kelini caprice leather dress red_002 kelini caprice leather dress red_003

The next dress is called Delicia also in red. It was recently at the Biker’s Choice Fair but now is available in the mainstore.

It is also mesh and it comes in red, black, blue, white and fuschia that I can remember!

kelini delicia red_001 kelini delicia red_002 kelini like a diamond red_001 kelini like a diamond red_002
The above gorgeous dress is called Like a Diamond also in red.
All dresses are from Kelini
Hair styles are from Exile and CaTwa
Jewelry is from Lazuri
Poses are from Posesion

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