Flora by Lybra

Moving on, is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.

Dave Mustaine
Lovelies, I am so happy to show you the gorgeous gown from Lybra named Flora that I had the honor to wear during the Earth Hour show. The main gown is mesh and the skirts are flexi so it is sure to fit both mesh and classic avatar bodies. I had it styled with my Maitreya body and it was so easy to work it with the hud.

lybra flora pale green_001 lybra flora pale green_002

The beautiful makeup is from Dulce Secrets and the jewelry is called Gifts of Gaia by Moondance Boutique both made for the Earth Hour Show. All of these items now can be found in the main stores!
Flora Dress in Pale Green by Lybra
Makeup is by Dulce Secrets
Gifts of Gaia jewelry by Moondance Boutique
Clarissa hair in Light Blondes by Envogue
Eva Radiance in Fair skin by Tuli
Sovereign Eyes in Oxidation by Ikon
Poses by Posesion

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