Silver and Jeans

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

-Albert Einstein

I love love love love these new outfits at Vero Modero! First up is the super sexy deep plait dress in silver. It is material ready and looks so nice in world but as we all know Averil has a crappy laptop so I have to run my graphics as low as I can just to get firestorm to run. Even still, this is a hot dress!

vm deep dress silver plait_001 vm deep dress silver plait_002

I paired it with the Octavia hair from Truth and the jewelry set is from Mandala.

Below is the fun but still sexy, Cin jeans set.

vm cin jean set black, tameless cadence_001

I paired it with the Cadence hair from Tameless and I am wearing the black version of the Cin set.

Here are your Limos-

Silver Deep Plait Dress and Cin jean Set in Black both by Vero Modero

Hairstyles-Octavia by Truth and Cadence by Tameless

Eyes-Sovereign in Oxidation by Ikon

Poses by Posesion


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