Trending Today with Kaithleens

“Your memory is a monster; it summons with will of its own.

You think you have a memory, but it has you.”

-John Irving

Good morning Lovelies! I have many things to show you today, starting with some must have outfits from Kaithleens and most are now in the main store but she also has a booth at the Gangsta Fair. First is the super cute but sexy Rockabilly mesh dress. I am wearing the pink floral version of it but it comes in many other colors. The gorgeous skin I have on is called Stefanie from 7 Deadly Skins.

kaithleen's rockabilly floral dress pink, 7ds stefanie_001 kaithleen's rockabilly floral dress pink, 7ds stefanie_002

Next up is the cheeky but adorable frock dress. I am wearing the red polka dot version and it has quite a revealing backside to it. I paired it with the Michelle hair from Tameless, the rose choker from Muse and the Marina skin from 7 Deadly Skins which is on sale for a mere 150l at the main store.

kaithleen's frock dress polka dot red_001 tameless michelle, 7 deadly skins marina and nsp rockabilly rose choker_001

The next fun outfit is Kaithleen’s free gift for the Wayward Hunt! It is a beautiful recolor in cheetah of the 50 Shades of Lust dress. The hunt object is free and you are searching for a little box.

kaithleen's 50 shades of lust wayward hunt gift_001

The last outfit for this post is the sexy lingerie chemise that Kaithleen’s made for the Gangsta fair.

It comes in white, pink and blue and it is mesh! I paired it with the Eve hair from Virtual Diva.

kaithleen's gangsta chemise lingerie dress, virtual diva eve_001

Credits and Limos đŸ™‚

Kaithleen’s Main Store has all of the outfits except the Gangsta Chemise which is at the Gangsta Fair.

The Stefanie and Marina skins are from 7 Deadly Skins in the new main store

The Michelle hair is from Tameless

The Eve hair is from Virtual Diva

The rose choker is from Muse and you can grab this one for free at the Fab Free Headquarters

I am wearing Sovereign eyes in Oxidation by Ikon and

All poses are by Posesion


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