Body Art Hunt 2015

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are.
You trade in your reality for a role.
You give up your ability to feel,
and in exchange, put on a mask.

Jim Morrison
Lovelies, I am a blogger for the Body Art hunt which is going on now! There are a lot of great gifts and it is a free hunt so head on out there and pick up these awesome gifts! The first two pics are different versions of the Desperado Tattoo which is the gift from White Widow. It comes in normal, low and high versions as well as with appliers for mesh bodies.
white widow desperado_001 white widow desperado for body art hunt_001
Below I combined two gifts from two different stores, the pretty blue eyes and purple lipstick are from PMD and the ouija board chest tattoo is from Aberrant.
pmd dance and aberrant ouija tattoo for body art hunt_001All poses are from Posesion
Amberly II skin in America by Glam Affair
Hair are from Magika, Entwined and Wasabi Pills.

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