Progress is impossible without change,
and those who cannot change their minds
cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw

Good evening my Lovelies. Sometimes I really wonder about why people have to argue and scream to try to make their points. I understand that you get frustrated but honestly, do you think it gets anyone further by screaming and yelling at them and swearing at them? I tend not to think so and if it does, why should they be rewarded for their bad behavior?

Anyway, today I have some pretty new outfits to show you from Virtual Diva. I am wearing the beautiful Soleli dress below which comes in this nice summery yellow color. The chest piece is detachable and it makes a lovely dress to show off jewelry.
virtual diva solei gown_001
The beautiful jewelry set is called Mist Elite from Zuri’s and it is available now in the main store.
virtual diva solei gown_002
Wearing Above-
Soleli gown by Virtual Diva
Mist Elite set by Zuri’s
Desire hair by Amacci
Amberly II skin in America by Glam Affair
Poses by Posesion

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