Winning is only half of it. Having fun is the other half.

Bum Phillips
Today, I had a photo shoot with the amazing Skip Staheli and while he was doing his thing, I just sat there drooling all over his pixel face and I  told him the most outrageous story. I told him when people ask me why I don’t date in sl or hit on me that my response is that I am already in a relationship with Skip Staheli and I have no room for anyone else. And Skip being such a good sport, agreed to be my imaginary sl boyfriend for the sake of saving me from being hit on.
It was pretty funny and we are going to write a book about it 🙂 Anyway, enough of that but it was so fun. Today, I have a couple new things to show you. The first outfit is the pretty Asian Piedra dress in Cobalt by Byrne.
byrne piedra dress cobalt_001
The dress comes in 3 different colors and it is mesh. It is available at the new round of the Instruments.
The pretty hair is called Touche by Virtual Diva which I blogged earlier.

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