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What has Averil found today?

Shey Shania Dress

Hello everyone! Here is another gorgeous new release from Shey called the Shania dress. It is mesh and it has a fun little color changing hud to easily change the color of this dress.

shey shania_001 shey shania_010 shey shania_009  shey shania_007 shey shania_006 shey shania_005 shey shania_004 shey shania_003 shey shania_002


Dress-Shania with Color Changing Hud by Shey

Choker-Pure Poison for the Event

Hair-Rye by E


Makeup-Papillion in Tulip by Silken Moon

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Orsini Red Aquarelle Dress and Mabel

gold dust, pure rose pink shirt_002 im in love_002


Dress-Aquarelle Dress in Pink by Orsini Red

Jewelry-Botanica in Gold by Finesmith

Skin-Mabel Pale I’m in Love by Blush Skins


Pose-Di’s Opera

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SL Buddy Walk #8

dbs, quandry, muse, pink acid, bsd_001 dbs, quandry, muse_002


Dress- Ryou Rou for SL Buddy Walk 2013

Hair-Quandary for SL Buddy Walk 2013

Jewelry-DbS for SL Buddy Walk 2013

Shoes-BSD for SL Buddy Walk 2013

Makeup-Pink Acid for SL Buddy Walk 2013

Pose-The Muse Poses for SL Buddy Walk 2013

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Maitreya Dakota Dress

maitreya dakota dress_001 maitreya dakota dress_002


Dress-Dakota in Cherry by Maitreya

Necklace-Athena by Ben’s Beauty

Hair-Giselle in Seafoam by Wasabi Pills

Pose by Posesion

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Shey’s Donna Dress and {M.U.A}

Hello lovelies. I picked up this gorgeous little cocktail dress named Donna from Shey! It comes with a hud and many color change options! There is a new makeup store called {M.U.A} on the grid by my friend Shanty Bookmite and she just released this beautiful makeup called Russet Steampunk.


There is a closeup of the gorgeous makeup

Snapshot_009 Snapshot_015



Dress-Donna in Multiple Colors by Shey

Jewelry-Maxi Gossamer

Makeup-Russet Steampunk by {M.U.A.}

Hair-Truth and Wasabi Pills

Poses-Di’s Opera

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Masoom Eboni Corset

The new Black Market starts tomorrow and Masoom has a super cute mesh corset outfit for us ladies. It is a mere 100 l! I paired it with the Robin skin from Hush.

masoom eboni corset and hush robin charcoal_001

And a closeup to see it.

masoom eboni corset and hush robin charcoal_002


Outfit-Eboni in Black Corset Set by Masoom for the Stuff in Stock

Skin-Robin in Aqua by Hush Skins

Hair-Ivette in Seafoam by Wasabi Pills at TWC

Jewelry-Coppulah by Maxi Gossamer at Collabor 88

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Masoom Berry Dress and Emo-tions

If you have not been to the FFL event yet, you still have a couple of days to get some great items that are there which go for a nice cause. Emo-tions has 4 stunning hair in the FFL and I paired it with the super cute Berry mesh dress from Masoom.

masoom berry dress_001

The dress comes in 5 standard sizes from XS to XL and it is a gorgeous red color. The hair band from Emotions can change colors to match your clothing.

masoom berry dress_001


Dress-Berry by Masoom

Hair-Dunja by Emotions

Makeup- 9 to 5 v1 by Facepaint

Jewelry-Black Sun by Maxi Gossamer


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Barbara Pant Sets

Hello everyone! Here is a stunning new release from Treasured Sisters named Barbara. It is a sassy casual mesh pant outfit that comes in 4 colors and each color comes in 5 standard sizes. I paired it with the new Takara jewelry set from Two Sisters.

barbara sage and takara diamond_001 barbara sage and takara diamond_002

Above is the sage color and it looks great with the Silken Moon Hey Gray makeup that is in the FFL Gatcha. Pink is below.

barbara pink and takara diamond_001

Next up are Rose and Yellow Flowers.

barbara pink and takara diamond_002 barbara pink and takara diamond_003

So fun and cute at the same time. Each color is a 199l and the jewelry is on sale this week in the weekly sales so be sure to hurry in to pick up some of these and many other great things!

Here is your taxi to Two Sisters-

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Sascha 60l offers

Hi lovelies, Here are the 60l offers from Sascha for last week which will be on sale all this week.

First up is the fun casual pant set Ambrosia in blue which comes with two different tops.

sas ambrosia_001

Next is the sexy Madeline Lavendel

sas madeleine lavendel_001

And last but not least is the sexy mesh Mercedes in White

sas mercedes_001


Hair-Moment 01 by Magika

Jewelry-Takara Diamond by Two Sisters

Makeup- 9 to 5 v 1 by FacePaint

Poses-Posesion and Katink

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Floraline Gown and Jewels

Here is another newer release from Georgia Star Chau. It is called Floraline and it is a gown that comes with matching jewelry. The gown is a beautiful lace creation that has spaghetti straps leading down to an empire lace waist. It comes in four colors and the jewelry sets come in 3 different colors.

floraline black_004

The above gown is white while below is aqua with just the pants to show you how cute that looks as well.

floraline black_003

There are also black and gold in this gown.

floraline black_001 floraline black_002

Each gorgeous gown is a mere 149l and the jewelry is very affordable as well so hurry into Treasured Sisters Boutique and Two Sisters Jewelry today to pick up some great deals!


Gowns: Floraline by Treasured Sisters Boutique

Jewelry: Floraline by Two Sisters Treasures

Hair-Opium in Platinum by Vanity Hair

Makeup- 9 to 5 v 1 by Face Paint 

Nails-Jamman Ultra Mesh v.3

Poses-Posesion and Katink

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