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egoisme malizia_001 egoisme malizia_002

This super cute outfit is new from Egoisme and it comes in the newest 2014 colors! It has a nifty hud that you can change all the colors of the jacket, the shirt and the pants. It is molten mesh so the clothes conform automatically to your body and you do not have to play with sizes as it is one size fits all.

Wearing Above-

Outfit-Malizia Molten Mesh by Egoisme

Hair-Daisy in Cat’s Eye by Diva Hair

Skin-Eva by Tuli

Shoes-Nuit in Black by N-Core

Poses by Posesion

egoisme malizia_003 egoisme malizia_008 egoisme malizia_007 egoisme malizia_006 egoisme malizia_005 egoisme malizia_004


Antwerp Bag Collection

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Hans Urs von Balthasar

egoisme antwerp bag brown cream leather, black drops dog tags_001 egoisme antwerp black diamonds_001 egoisme antwerp cream white checkers bag_001 egoisme antwerp red crocodile_001
Lovelies, here is the newest bags from Egoisme for us ladies. It is called Antwerp and
as you can see it comes in many color options from Cream and White Leather first, then black diamonds,
then black and white checkers to the red crocodile bag which is last.
Each bag has a shoulder, elbow and hand option for both right and left side and I paired it
with the beautiful new dog tags that are out for both female and males.
Black Drops

Black Drops





These are just a couple of the designs that you can get.


Dress-Lanne by JK Style

Hair-Pivixor in Light Blondes by Vanity Hair

Bags-Antwerp Bags in Various Colors by Egoisme

Dogtag Necklaces in Various Colors by Egoisme

Poses by Manifeste


Jacket No 5

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John D. Rockefeller

egoisme jacket n5_002

Lovelies here is a gorgeous new molten mesh jacket from Egoisme! It comes with 14! different textures so you can wear it with many fall outfits as it is so versatile!


Jacket No 5 by Egoisme

Silk Pants in Black by Egoisme

Hair-Giz in Cat’s Eye by Diva Hair

Poses by Manifeste

Baroque and Elegance

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Lovelies, here is a new release from Egoisme in the molten mesh line. This sexy little Progressive mini dress comes in two versions. One version has the bolero and the other version you can wear just the dress. It comes in many colors and each color comes with a deformer in case SL breaks the molten mesh.

The first color I have to show you is the lovely silver baroque dress and I paired it with the bolero to show off how sexy and cute it is.

egoisme progressive mini baroque_001 egoisme progressive mini baroque_002

The next color is the beautiful black Elegance dress that also comes with the bolero option but I just took a picture of the dress so you could see both versions.

egoisme progressive mini elegance_001 egoisme progressive mini elegance_002 egoisme progressive mini elegance_003


Dress-Progressive Mini Dress Molten Mesh in Baroque and Elegance by Egoisme

Jewelry-Aphrodite’s Dream by Maxi Gossamer

Hair-Carrie in Light Blondes by Truth Hair

Lipstick-Glitter in Silver and Matte in Pink by {M.U.A}

Shoes-Marilyn in Black by Gos

Poses by Manifeste and Posesion

Molten Mesh

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Lovelies, I have some awesome outfits to show you from Egoisme and they have introduced into Second Life Molten Mesh. it is mesh that comes in many sizes that is easier to customize to your body. They released this sexy LouLou dress for women in the new Molten Mesh as well as some cargo shorts for men.

Here are some pictures of the LouLou dress in Copper. The pictures do not do it justice as it is really lovely in Second Life.

egoisme loulou molten mesh copper_001 egoisme loulou molten mesh copper_002

egoisme loulou molten mesh copper_004 egoisme loulou molten mesh copper_003

Thanks for reading Lovelies.


Dress-LouLou Suit in Copper Molten Mesh by Egoisme

Hair-Boys will be Boys in Candy by Vanity Hair

Makeup-Hope Set by {M.U.A.}

Jewelry-Classic Pearl Set by Lazuri

Shoes-Eva Slingbacks in Champagne by Gos

Poses by Manifeste


If you dream of something worth doing and then simply go to work on it

and don’t think anything of personalities, or emotional conflicts,

or of money, or of family distractions;

it is amazing how quickly you get through those 5,000 steps.
Edwin Land

Here is the purple and pink version of the Scoop dress from Egoisme.

I broke it up into two posts so it shouldn’t be too picture heavy!

egoisme scoop dress hot pink and purple, gia earrings, ribbon necklace_001 egoisme scoop dress hot pink and purple, gia earrings, ribbon necklace_004 egoisme scoop dress hot pink and purple, gia earrings, ribbon necklace_003 egoisme scoop dress hot pink and purple, gia earrings, ribbon necklace_002


Dress-Scoop Dress in Hot Pink and Purple by Egoisme (NEW)

Necklace-Ribbon Necklace by Pure Poison (June Group Gift)

Earrings- Gia in Gold by Pure Poison at Fi Fridays

Hair-Delta in Light Blondes by Truth Hair

Makeup-Smokey Eyeshadow in Pink and Strawberry Lipgloss by Mons