Marriage and Ikon

By all means, marry.

If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy;

if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.

I adore this new mesh wedding gown from Ruca Tease. It comes in 5 standard mesh sizes

and Bon even put flowers, shoes and jewelry with it. Those pieces are flexi so you can choose

to wear them or not wear them.

rt wedding gown_001

I paired it with the new Truth Delta hair which seems to be classy and glamorous to show off this lovely gown.

rt weddign gown_002

I read a huge controversial post about Ikon eyes and I personally love them. I bought a few pairs today to take photos with to show you lovelies how nice they look on me. Above in this photo is Ardent Eyes-Oxidation in XS. Below is Lucid Eyes in Glass. I asked Ikon to make them in Oxidation as well as it is my favorite.

lf vintage denim vest_002

And I do love the vanity eyes which are also in Oxidation. I did pick up a few of the destiny eyes at the Boutique but I did not have a chance to take photos of them yet.

sas sammi sparkle_002

Anyway here is my main outfit-

Wedding Gown by Ruca Tease includes flowers, shoes and jewelry

Hair-Delta in Light Blondes by Truth Hair

Makeup-Vanilla Lipstick and Pink Eyeshadow by Mons

Eyes-Ardent Eyes in Oxidation by Ikon



Sexie Selena

Here is another great gown from Treasured Sisters named Sexie Selena. It comes in 4 great colors and it is not mesh. Each color is a mere 149l at Treasured Sisters.

selena black_002 selena black_005 selena black_004 selena black_003


Dress-Sexie Selena by Treasured Sisters Boutique

Jewelry-Secret Set in Choco by Two Sisters

Hair-Opium by Vanity

Makeup-9 to 5 by Facepaint

More posts to come with newness from Treasured Sisters. Here is your taxi to Two Sisters-

Pre-Release Broken Heart

Pre-Release’s new round has started and it is called the Blvd of Broken Hearts. Several designers have some great items for us to grab! Here are some sneak peeks-

Snapshot_014 Snapshot_015

The gorgeous skin is from Mystic Canvas and it comes with three different makeups. The hair is from Zoz and it is mesh. The fun tattoo is from Infamous and the gorgeous lace dress is from Kaithleen’s and the face piercing is from Phoebe’s. DDW’s awesome 3 pack of heels complete this look. She has two different versions both have 3 colors in them and they are a steal at 99l.


More posts to come from PR!

Limo to Pre-Release-