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Barbara Pant Sets

Hello everyone! Here is a stunning new release from Treasured Sisters named Barbara. It is a sassy casual mesh pant outfit that comes in 4 colors and each color comes in 5 standard sizes. I paired it with the new Takara jewelry set from Two Sisters.

barbara sage and takara diamond_001 barbara sage and takara diamond_002

Above is the sage color and it looks great with the Silken Moon Hey Gray makeup that is in the FFL Gatcha. Pink is below.

barbara pink and takara diamond_001

Next up are Rose and Yellow Flowers.

barbara pink and takara diamond_002 barbara pink and takara diamond_003

So fun and cute at the same time. Each color is a 199l and the jewelry is on sale this week in the weekly sales so be sure to hurry in to pick up some of these and many other great things!

Here is your taxi to Two Sisters-

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Arlene by Georgia

Georgia is taking us all on a gorgeous Jjurney in this new outfit available at Treasured Sisters Boutique. Arlene is a mesh pant outfit that comes in several colors all named after cities around the globe!

First color I have to show you is the fun Hong Kong set. It has a sassy fun hat that can be worn or not worn if you insist.

Snapshot_007 Snapshot_008

The next color is the Bahamas and it is fun as well as a gorgeous teal color.


The next set is Sadona and the last pic is of Madrid.

Snapshot_009 Snapshot_010

Each color is a mere 199l and you can buy them all right now at Treasured Sisters!

Here is your taxi to Two Sisters-

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Gorgeous Journey

Hello everyone! Here is a brand new hot off the press outfit from Treasured Sisters Boutique. It is called Journey and it is not mesh but it comes in 4 colors and has a hat and leggings with each color.

First up is the gorgeous blue color and it looks amazing with the Caprice set from Arabella at Two Sisters.

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002

The next fun color is plum which is a sexy deep purple.


Then we have olive and teal.

Snapshot_003 Snapshot_005

Each outfit is a mere 149l and the jewelry is on sale at Treasured Sisters this week in 3 colors so hurry on in and pick up these and so many other great things!

More posts to come with newness from Treasured Sisters. Here is your taxi to Two Sisters-

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Sexie Selena

Here is another great gown from Treasured Sisters named Sexie Selena. It comes in 4 great colors and it is not mesh. Each color is a mere 149l at Treasured Sisters.

selena black_002 selena black_005 selena black_004 selena black_003


Dress-Sexie Selena by Treasured Sisters Boutique

Jewelry-Secret Set in Choco by Two Sisters

Hair-Opium by Vanity

Makeup-9 to 5 by Facepaint

More posts to come with newness from Treasured Sisters. Here is your taxi to Two Sisters-

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Audra at Treasured Sisters

Hello ladies! Here is the newest mesh pant set from Treasured Sisters. It is named Audra and it is mesh. It comes in 9 amazing colors and the shirt can be worn alone as a tunic dress.

First up is the fun tan color!

audra tan_001

I adore all the colors and the below picture is the denim blue set.

audra tan_002

There are some really pretty texture colors in this set as well.

audra tan_004 audra tan_003

The lime and pink sets are super fun.

audra tan_005 audra tan_007

And last but not least is the beautiful white set.

audra tan_006

Each color is a mere 149l and it comes in 5 standard sizes for us ladies. Pick up this great outfit and so many other fun things while you are there.

More posts to come with newness from Treasured Sisters. Here is your taxi to Two Sisters-

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Immerse New Release and Silken Moon!

Hello ladies! Miss Lilly has released a gorgeous new mesh dress for us ladies to go out and grab. It is called EiiKiss dress and it is mesh with 5 sizes from XS to XL. Each color is a mere $295l. Here are previews of the Vamp and Smoke colors paired with the gorgeous Cherry Blossom makeup from Silken Moon and the Twisted Nights Concept Glitter lips also from Silken Moon.

eiikiis smoke and silken moon cherry blossom makeup_001 eiikiis smoke and silken moon cherry blossom makeup_002

The above mesh dress is smoke paired with the beautiful cherry blossom makeup and the below picture is the vamp color with the twisted concept makeup from Silken Moon.

eiikiis smoke and silken moon cherry blossom makeup_003 eiikiis smoke and silken moon cherry blossom makeup_004

The jewelry is from Ben’s Beauty and the skin is Amberly from Glam Affair.

Here is your taxi to Immerse-

and your taxi to Silken Moon-

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Janelle at Treasured Sisters

Here is a peek of the sexy mesh Morrocan Janelle dress. It comes in 5 colors and there is matching jewelry sets to match these cute dresses. Each color is a mere 149l.

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002

The above color is the gorgeous red Morrocan color and the below color is the gorgeous black Morrocan color with the matching jewelry.

Snapshot_036 Snapshot_037

There are also blue, a tiger dress and a gorgeous mixed dress.

Snapshot_039 Snapshot_038 Snapshot_041

And yes I am still on my laptop so I apologize if the pictures are not the best. My desktop is still waiting to get hooked up from the move.

Hurry into Treasured Sisters and Two Sisters to pick up these great dresses and join the group to get all the wonderful group gifts!

Here is your taxi-

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More Pre-Release

This round of Pre-Release has only a couple days left but there is still time to pick up these great items. The first outfit is called Heartbreaker and it is from Tori’s Style!

Snapshot_027 Snapshot_026 Snapshot_025 Snapshot_023 Snapshot_022 Snapshot_020 Snapshot_018 Snapshot_017

The second outfit is a sexy little mesh dress from Killa Designs that comes with matching shoes and jewelry. The third dress is also from Killa Designs with many different options in black or pink. The fourth outfit- the shirt is from Bitch Tail and the cute capri pants are from Firebird Designs. The hair is from Zoz icon and the cute shoes are from DDW. The gorgeous skin is from Mystic Canvas and the face piercings are from Phoebe’s and the necklace is from Pomposity.

Limo to Pre-Release-

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Shey Juliet Skirt and Boots




Top-Aida Top in Red by Biastice

Skirt-Juliet Skirt in black by Shey

Boots-Acacia boots in black by Shey

Necklace-Lost Love by Maxi Gossamer

Hair-American Woman by Exile

I am sorry if the pics as kinda bad as I am on my laptop as the desktop is not set up yet from the move.

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Immerse Cami Dress

Here is a super fun mesh dress new from Immerse! It comes in 9 colors and I bring you the Red/Smoke and the Rose colors. First is the Red/Smoke dress.

Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004

Next is the gorgeous Rose color-

Snapshot_005 Snapshot_006


Picture one-

Dress-Cami Dress in Red/Smoke by Immerse

Hair-Mimi in Pearl Platinum by Amacci

Jewelry-Attar set by WTG

Makeup-9 to 5 by FacePaint

Picture two-

Dress-Cami Dress in Rose by Immerse

Hair-Crazy in Love by Exile

Jewelry-In Love by Chop Zuey

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