News at Two Sisters Treasures

Adversity is the diamond dust Heaven polishes its jewels with.
Thomas Carlyle
tst calinda_001


Above I am wearing the beautiful Calinda set in Diamonds and yellow gold. The set comes with a necklace, a choker, earrings, bracelets and a belly jewel. It all can be purchased separately and in many different colors. 

tst amira_001

tst amira_002


Above is the delicate Amira Set. This set comes in many different colors as well and it has a necklace, earrings, arm bands and a belly jewel in each color. I am wearing the Purple Amethyst Set in yellow Gold.

The Silks are from Maia v2 in Pink by Kastle Rock Couture’s Mirage

Hair-Cognac in Blondes by Loq Hair


Eyes-Perspective by Ikon

Poses by Manifeste



New Sets at Two Sisters

Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
Orson Welles
Hello Lovelies, in this post I would like to show you several of the newest releases from Two Sisters Treasures.First up is the beautiful Enyo set which comes in many colors and it has earrings, a bracelet, belly jewel and a necklace.The color below is the lovely Savorite color and my pictures do not do it justice as they sparkle in world!
tst enyo savorite_001
The next set I have to show is the gorgeous Moina set. This set also comes with earrings, a necklace,
and a bracelet in several colors as well. The color below is the Amethyst and Garnet Set!
tst moina amethyst and garnet set_001 tst moina amethyst and garnet set_002
The last set I have for this post is the Delicate Atara Set which has a necklace, belly jewel, earrings and a bracelet.
It comes in 4 colors and the diamond set is pictured below.
lf highwaist skinny jeans, party top, df branka, tst atara_002 lf highwaist skinny jeans, party top, df branka, tst atara_003
The hair is called Branka from Damselfly
The shirt is the Party Shirt from Lafleur and
the pants are called High Waist Pants also by Lafleur
The poses are from Manifeste and all of the jewelry is
from Two Sisters Treasures!
Here is your taxi-


I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else.
I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.
Ken Venturi
rc boheme glow gown_001 rc boheme rust_001 rc boheme glow gown_002
Boheme Gown in Rust and Gold by Romance Couture at Finesmith’s Keep Calm Bazaar
Hair-Felicity in Light Blondes by Truth Hair
Earrings-Hallowed Autumn in Orange by Two Sisters Treasures
Poses by Manifeste

Halloween Time

It is nice to have valid competition; it pushes you to do better.
Gianni Versace
ad claudine halloween_001 ad claudine halloween_002 ad claudine halloween_003
Claudine Halloween Special Edition by Angel Dessous
Makeup-Autumn by {M.U.A}
Jewelry-Hallowed Autumn in Orange by Two Sisters Treasures
Hair-Carol in Light Blondes by Amacci
Poses by Manifeste

Trending with Two Sisters

Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.
Sonja Henie

Lovelies, I have several new jewelry sets to show you from Two Sisters Treasures. I have been slacking some on showing you them so here are a bunch of the latest sets for your viewing perusal.

The first set I have to show you is the Marcella Cushion Cut Diamond Set. This set comes with a necklace, earrings, a bracelet and belly jewel. It comes in 4 colors including this hot pink diamond set.

tst marcella hot pink sapphire_001 tst marcella hot pink sapphire_002

The next set is the brand new Alondra which comes with a necklace, bracelet and earrings and it also comes in 4 different colors.

tst alondra blue cerulean_001 tst alondra blue cerulean_002

The next set I have to show you is the pretty Honvoni set which also comes with a necklace, bracelet and earrings.

tst honovi blue opal tsavorite_001 tst honovi blue opal tsavorite_002The final set I have to show you is the beautiful Crystal Set. It comes with a necklace, earrings and a bracelet in white gold and yellow gold.
tst crystal gold_001 tst crystal gold_002

The hair is from Truth and Wasabi Pills. Makeup is from {M.U.A} and clothing is from Zaara, Baiastice and Masoom.